Operations and Administration

Here is an overview of the internal workings of the agency and the roles of various departments

Administration and Supplies Department

The department serves as observer in all the Personnel Management Board of all the Corporations to ensure strict compliance with regulations and extant circulars.

  • Promotions: Promotion of Senior and Management Staff of the Corporations under the Commission are processed to both the Civil Service Commission and the Office of the Head of Service;
  • Discipline: Discipline and other staff matters affecting Senior and Management Staff of the Corporations are also referred to the Commission for inputs and further processing to the appropriate authorities;
  • Servicing of the Meeting of the Permanent Secretary with the General Managers of the Corporations under the Commission’s supervision. At this meeting, the Permanent Secretary reiterates all Government policies to the General Managers;
  • Liaise with the Office of Head of Service, the Civil Service Commission and other government agencies for effective administration;
  • Handle administrative matters within the Commission.

Finance and Account Department

  • Serves as Financial Adviser to the Commission;
  • Heads Call Circular Committee for Budget;
  • Oversee the bank reconciliation statement;
  • Keeps record of receipts and payments of the Commission.
  • Also in-charge of the Commission’s salary preparation;

Planning, Research and Statistics Department

The under-listed are the schedule of duties of the above named Officer

  • Monitoring of the monthly report of activities of all corporation under the supervision of the Commission;
  • Drafting of Memos to the various Corporations;
  • Treatment of Files. Mails and Circular Letters.

Audit Department

Auditing of necessary documents.