Some Achievements

Past and recent projects carried out by the agency

Achievements of the Oyo State Public Corporation Commission

The establishment of the Public Corporations Commission in February, 2016 is no doubt a landmark achievement. It is another policy aimed at restoring the Pacesetter status of Oyo State taking cognizance of the fact that Human Resources is an essential component in the realization of Government cardinal goals, hence the main objective of the Public Corporations’ Commission is to ensure that skilful and highly resourceful personnel are engaged in the State Public Corporations for efficient service delivery. Some notable achievements of the Commission include:
  • Stoppage of indiscriminate appointment in public Corporations in Oyo State thereby reducing the overall wage bill of the State;
  • Reduction in the incidence of certificate forgery in Public Corporations through routine scrutiny of the entire service documents of Public Corporation workers which are now domiciled with the Public Corporations’ Commission;
  • Improved productivity of personnel of Public Corporations in the State as evidenced by recent improvement in the performance of Corporations in the core areas of service delivery and Revenue Generation shortly after the establishment of the Public Corporations Commission;
  • Improved relationship between Public Corporations and Security Agencies facilitated by the Public Corporations Commission resulting in significant increase in revenue generation of Public Corporations;
  • Improvement in the process and effectiveness of Personnel recruitment for Public Corporations in Oyo State thereby ensuring that proper individuals with required qualifications and experience are appointed which has resulted in greater efficiency of the Personnel of Public Corporations with corresponding increase in the overall productivity of Public Corporations of Oyo State;
  • Normalization of new appointments, conversions, secondments and inter-cadre transfers in all the corporation under this commission;
  • The commission successfully commenced revenue generation for the state government through penalties on abandoned vehicles parked at the Oyo State Mass Transit Park by the Nigeria Police;
  • The Commission successfully rectified promotion and conversion anomalies through the activities of the department of recruitment and monitoring;
  • Rapid and effective dissemination of information to the Corporations for prompt implementation of Government programmes and policies.